Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

Sermon: February 20, 2022 – Luke 6: 27-38

I find myself amidst a dilemma this morning. On the one hand, this section from the gospel of Luke holds core teachings of how we are to live in community with one another in this world.   The familiar words tumble one after another: love your enemies – turn the other cheek – if someone takes your coat, give them your shirt as well – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – judge not, lest ye …

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Sermon: May 16, 2021 – Psalm 1

You are like a tree, planted by flowing, cool streams of water that never run dry. Your fruit ripens in its time; your leaves never fade or curl in the summer sun. (Psalm 1:3, The Voice translation) Watch: https://youtu.be/QHHf0GMZ5JU     Download PDF at Sermon_16May2021_final Today’s scripture reading, Psalm 1, presents us with this beautiful mental picture of a tree planted by flowing waters.  It contrasts those who choose to be nourished by God’s refreshing waters– those planted or, in some translations, “transplanted” so that …

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Sermon: Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021 – John 12: 12-16

As our months of pandemic drag on, Palm Sunday is catching me in a way it has not caught me before.  Perhaps it is just because the thought of an in-person parade of any sort makes me cringe, especially envisioning it in the cramped streets of Old Jerusalem…but the newfound impact of Palm Sunday goes far deeper than that. Watch at https://youtu.be/Y-3PTba64kY        Download PDF at Sermon_28March2021_Palm At Palm Sunday, we envision calls of “Hosanna” hailing Jesus as …

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