Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

Sermon: September 4, 2022 – Jeremiah 8:18 – 9:1

In cultures where Biblical names are frequently used, Jeremiah is a common name.  To my ear it’s got a very stately sound to it – I envision a Jeremiah standing up straight, eyes wide open, ready for what comes.  In the Bible, the prophetic book of Jeremiah is substantial and significant: for even the casual Bible reader, it would be hard to miss its whopping 52 chapters, side-by-side with Isaiah as the two largest prophetic books in the Hebrew scriptures. …

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Sermon: March 20, 2022 – Luke 13: 1-9 – Lent III

Our hearts break each time we see or read or hear about cruel, heartless, targeted violence, wherever and whenever the circumstances.  Most recently, the newsfeeds have been mostly from Ukraine, and the world continues to reach out to those who are targeted while also denouncing the Russian power-mongers who are unleashing the violence. Our hearts break for the ongoing story of missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit persons, their families and communities, and the individuals and systems that …

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Sermon: February 20, 2022 – Luke 6: 27-38

I find myself amidst a dilemma this morning. On the one hand, this section from the gospel of Luke holds core teachings of how we are to live in community with one another in this world.   The familiar words tumble one after another: love your enemies – turn the other cheek – if someone takes your coat, give them your shirt as well – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – judge not, lest ye …

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Sermon: August 29, 2021 – James 1: 17-27

The book of James is one of those books you probably know a couple of quotes from, even if you couldn’t specifically place them.  James 2:20 says that “Faith without works is dead” and in today’s reading, James 1:22, working the same angle, urges the reader/listener to “Be Doers of the Word, and not Hearers only.” Watch at https://youtu.be/C6Pa_0VBiK8  Download PDF at Sermon_29August2021 Even for those who aren’t overtly religious, these quotes ring true.  The things that we say are …

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Sermon: April 11, 2021 – John 20:19-31 and Acts 4:32-35

Sermon: April 11, 2021 – John 20: 19-31 and Acts 4: 32-35 Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore AB – Rev Greg Wooley Each year, on this first Sunday after Easter, the apostle Thomas pushes me to examine his actions; and each year, a different aspect stands out.  Some years I feel drawn to soften the “doubting Thomas” moniker that has been attached to him, for he only asked for the same evidence that the other disciples had received one …

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Sermon: 30 August 2020, Romans 12: 9-18

A few years ago, a popular thing in home décor stores was “house rules” posters to put up in your kitchen or as needed, to assist in the harmonious running of a household.  Typically, they started with things like, “if you make a mess, clean it up”… “if you take it out, put it back”… often ending with “if it cries, love it.”  Handy, helpful advice for people living together. watch at https://youtu.be/QhSLfk3WFOY– download PDF at Sermon_30August2020 The Bible, in …

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Sermon: September 22, 2019 – Psalm 113

My Mom grew up on a farm near the town of Bruce Mines, Ontario, home of the first hard-rock copper mine in Canada, predating confederation by 20 years.  When the mines were open, which was sporadic at best, they contributed much to the local economy, but they also contributed the dreaded respiratory diseases, silicosis and black lung, to the men who mined there.  Most of the local men, then, knew two things: (1) they’d better have access to some farm …

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road from Jerusalem to Jericho

Sermon: July 14, 2019 – Luke 10: 25-37

The gospel of Luke gives us a fine sequence this morning: A teacher of scriptural laws approaches Jesus, and queries him about what one does in order to have eternal life. Jesus engages the man in conversation, turns the question back on him and the lawyer says that the most important commandment in the Torah, is actually two side-by-side: love God, and love your neighbour. Jesus agrees. In response the lawyer asks, “well, who is my neighbour?” How far did …

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