Accessibility Upgrades are complete!  Please join us on Sunday, March 3 2024 after 10 AM Worship for the ribbon-cutting.

Here is AN INTRODUCTION to the new Lift/Elevator which is now operational, making its vertical run from Gordon Hall to the Sanctuary landing to the “upper room” upstairs:

One key thing to know: there are few different buttons that one uses in operating the lift, and in each case, HOLD YOUR FINGER ON THE BUTTON until whatever you want to have happen, happens! For example: if the car is down in Gordon Hall and you are up on the top floor, hold the “call button” until the car comes up to you and the door opens. Just pushing the button and releasing will do nothing; you’ve got to hold the button down until the car arrives at your floor.

Once you are inside the lift and the door closes (which it is timed to do after 12 seconds), press the stop you are going to (1=Gordon Hall, 2=Sanctuary, 3=Upstairs) and hold the button down until you arrive at the desired stop and the door opens.

One additional note: if you’re in the lift and you want to open the door (e.g., someone else wants to join you on your elevator ride!), just press the stop# that you are at… so if you’re at Gordon Hall and want to open the door, press 1.

Though it may seem like an annoyance that the button needs to be held down, this is a standard safety feature on lifts: if for any reason you need the lift to stop travelling, all you need to do is take your finger off the button!!

Our hope is that every Sunday, there will be a “courtyard greeter” who has a working knowledge of our new accessibility features, in case folks have questions. Contact office@ralphconnor.ca if you’d like to help with this and have not yet been trained.

For a brief video to become familiar with the new features, click here.


On September 11th,2022 the congregation of Ralph Connor Memorial United Church voted over 90% in favor of proceeding with the Accessibility Upgrades Project.  This continues the long-standing tradition of this congregation  to “open the doors” to the wider community. (To read more about the background of the project, click here .or to donate, click here ) .The Building Committee engaged Ashton Construction to manage our project; construction began in early February and was substantially completed by the end of summer.

The congregation and its Trustees have generously supported this project, in addition to a government grant received. As final invoices roll in, additional financial support will be needed.

Here is what we ask of you for the Accessibility Project:

  1. Your commitment to a total amount to the project. Should your circumstances change, your commitment is not binding.
  2. Fulfillment of your commitment is flexible! For example, you may choose:
    • A lump sum contribution now or in the next few months
    • Monthly for a period up to 36 months – this can be arranged on PAR.
    • Annually, with ¼ up-front, ¼ at end of years one, two and three.
  3. Donations can be cash or e-transfer (donations@ralphconnor.ca), cheque, PAR (preauthorized remittance), or in kind such as a share donation.

As you are able, please click here to download the Accessibility Upgrades Project Pledge Form , complete it, and return it to the Church. You may scan and email to Patricia Roozendaal, Bookkeeper  bookkeeper@ralphconnor.ca  or send it by Canada Post to:
Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, PO Box 8901 Stn Main Canmore AB T1W 0J3

Thank you for your support for the future of our community of faith.

+ + +

BANFF: outreach ministry expressed through the Rundle Memorial United Church Building

The Rundle Memorial Church campus, located at 104 Banff Avenue in Banff, Alberta, expresses so much of the outward-focus of this congregation.  Volunteers from all across the Bow Valley are encouraged to participate!

  • Rundle United Thrift is one of only two full-function Thrift Shops in Banff/Canmore
  • Banff Rundle Playschool is Banff’s sole community playschool, and has been in operation for four decades
  • the United Church Manse has been used for low-cost housing for a number of years and we look forward to housing our Refugee family there when they arrive, which we hope will happen in 2023
  • the Lonsdale Lounge, Sanctuary and, occasionally, the Thrift Shop itself, house a variety of community groups in Banff.  Contact the Banff Church office at 403.762.2075 for rental information.