On September 11, 2022 at 11:15 AM, a congregational meeting was held be held to vote on the Accessibility Upgrades Project at RCMUC, and to approve the funding formula proposed by the Trustees.   Both motions were approved by an overwhelming margin!

Watch this space for further information and requests.

Click on the following links for further information:
Floor plan: Floorplan of Accessibility Project Proposal – Sept 9 2022
Executive Summary (revised): RCMUC Revised Executive Summary Sept 8, 2022
FAQs: Accessibility Upgrades 1.8 Final and additional FAQs: ADDITIONAL FAQs – RCMUC Accessibility
proposed funding model: Funding model 11 Sept 2022

Many thanks to Paul Elfner for running four information sessions in late August/early September. The “additional FAQs” document addresses questions raised by participants of these sessions.


Since 2016, the two-fold question “how does the RCMUC building support and enhance our Mission… and how does the RCMUC building limit or stand in the way of our Mission?” has led to a thorough look at all aspects of the facility: Sanctuary, Hall, offices, kitchen, washrooms, upstairs program room, grounds, available storage… all aspects.   A workshop to consider and further develop the preliminary building plan options for RCMUC – particularly, adaptations to Gordon Hall – was held on February 23, 2020 after Worship and Lunch.  Unfortunately, within three weeks the World Health Organization declared the global COVID-19 Pandemic, so very little action could be taken on the results and recommendations of the meeting.  However, here is a follow-up report after the February 2020 workshop.

FYI, here are the documents referenced at this meeting:
Click here for the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church Mission Statement
Click here for the Consultation Report – detailing the 2019 survey results and the process to that point
Click here for the Option Concept Plans – as developed in 2018 by Transept Architects.
Click here for two additional options – 1. renovating only the main floor of Gordon Hall and 2. moving the Church Offices upstairs.
Click here for the Building/Heritage report that was included in the 2019 Annual Report (dealt with in January 2020)

A consistent theme in much of this, is strong support for an inclusive Church facility (consistent with our mandate as an Affirming Ministry)  that is accessible to a wide range of people.  To this end, a successful grant application was made, to assist us in making the building more accessible. Moving forward in 2022, decisions are needing to be made on how to utilize the accessibility grant, and on what other work may need to be done to address the earlier questions of how our building can best support our Mission.

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Since 2020, a number of forward-looking changes have been made to the Ralph Connor building:
> sink installed upstairs to facilitate hand-washing;
> video-camera link and choral microphone, to allow worshipers to gather in both the sanctuary and hall simultaneously with the same content;
> freshly re-painted walls and re-finished floors in the sanctuary;
> defibrillator installed;
> washrooms have been re-designated as single-occupant, all-genders-welcome.

Along with many congregations of The United Church of Canada, RCMUC endeavours to take seriously the impact of our “carbon footprint”. With the assistance of the “Faithful Footprints” program, many energy-conscious changes have been made since 2020:
new LED lighting has replaced fluorescents in Gordon Hall, offices and upstairs, and we have new Google Nest programmable thermostats;
new, more efficient kitchen appliances (with thanks to Canmore Rotary for their assistance with this);
improved efficiency of our heating system, including insulated ductwork to the narthex and a heat recovery unit by our furnaces;
and… we installed solar panels on the south roof, in partnership with the Bow Valley Green Energy Cooperative.
Here is a data view of the Solar Power being generated by our rooftop panels:

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