One year after Tk’emlups

We remember, with lament, the announcement one year ago from Tk’emlups, of the results of the ground-penetrating radar explorations.  Though survivors of the residential schools had shared this news for decades, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action (2015) had spoken these realities to the people of Canada, last year’s discovery/recovery was an important moment in which many more Canadians became fully aware of the atrocities of the schools.
For the past year we have shared the TRC Calls to Action in this Newsletter; all 94 calls may be found at, an evaluation of progress-to-date on the calls is at, and a United Church of Canada response to the Calls specifically relating to Churches is at
We continue our commitment as communities of faith, to hearing the truth of the residential schools and their aftermath, and to actively engage in a walk of reconciliation.