Evensong~At the threshold~Epiphany-Wednesday January 6 2021


The magi follow a star to bring gifts to the Christ child

A new understanding, a revealing

The Light shines in the darkness

I’m preparing to go out, getting ready for a journey, because it is January, 

and each of us is going on a journey into the New Year. 

The guiding star, if I remember to look up,

will be there even in the fearful places.

This year, I hope to travel light and to travel in the light.

~ Carolyn Pogue

Is there a word to guide and bless you on the journey through this year? 

We can’t think our way into this journey. Allow a word to choose you. 

Release your thinking mind and expectations. Soften your grasp, let go of reaching.

What makes your heart stir with delight?

What makes you uncomfortable, calling you to grow beyond the known edges of your life? 

Pay attention to dreams, conversations, the wisdom of the earth,

the wisdom of your ancestors, a word that shimmers on the page…

…dance the word that is rising up, let it ripen.

~ Christine Valters Paintner, Abbey of the Arts