Evensong ~ Wednesday, January 26, 2022 @ 7:15 PM

January 26, 7:15pm

To be struck by the magnificence of nature is to be returned again,

in all-too brief-moments, to the innocence in which we were born.

Awe. Wonder. Humility.

We draw them into us and are altered forever

by the unquestionable presence of the Creator.

All things ringing true together.

If we carry that deep sense of communion back into our workaday lives,

everyone we meet benefits. That is what we are here for:

to remind each other of where the truth lies and the power of simple ceremony.

~ Richard Wagamese, Embers

What it takes is a walk upon the land.

Learning to see these things that exist here with something other than your eyes.

Leaving the material trappings behind awhile and allowing yourself

to become part of the sweep and grandeur of the planet:

allowing your heartbeat.

~ Richard Wagamese, What Comes From Spirit