Evensong – Wednesday, April 8, 2020 – join online with Zoom

Evensong, April 1, 2020  

The April 1 Evensong was our first time gathering by Zoom.  We’ll be doing it again!

“Each day is a gift, every moment is a gift.  What happens when we honour all of life as a gift?”

Christine Valters-Paintner


“There’s a vast difference between drinking a morning cup of tea with full attention and drinking it while preoccupied by our plans for the day.” 

Japanese Zen tea connoisseur and Psychotherapist Tara Bennett-Goleman


“I am real, and the tea is real. I am in the present. I don’t think of the past. I don’t think of the future. There is a real encounter between me and the tea, and peace, happiness, and joy are possible during the time I drink.”  

Thich Nhat Hanh


***Please bring tea in a thermos and a favourite mug so that we can share our tea together in a tea meditation.