Evensong ~ The Longest Night ~ Monday, December 21, 7:30 pm

Poem for Advent 

Amidst ten thousand losses and swirling joys,

at this very instant 

on the sacred Earth 

I wait.

Come to us 

Beauty, Wisdom, Goodness, Peace, 

Solace, Grace, Counsel, Love.

See the open archway this cold night

Air, rich as gold, flows.

Fine snow glistens on our faces.

Each flake,

every exquisite crystal blossom 

is a covenant of your love

told a thousand thousand times.

~ Patricia Van Ness


In her book, “The Stillness of Winter: Sacred Blessings of the Season,” Chicago author Barbara Mahaney describes winter as perhaps the most sacramental time of year because it inspires us more than any other season to lift ordinary moments into holiness. “Live sacramentally,” Mahaney writes. “Light candles at dinner. Light the Advent wreath.” December, Mahaney observes, is when God cloaks the northern hemisphere in a kind of prayer shawl. “December darkness invites us inward…”


It is the winter solstice, the Longest Night ~ now posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBXSP-4PO2Q

A meditation in word, song and image. Watch and contemplate, gathered in community at 7:30 on Monday evening, December 21 (or view it anytime after that, it will remain online).  Following this at 8:15 Dec 21, there was a Zoom-by-candlelight, at which we wrapped our hands around a warm beverage, and our hearts in Love…told a thousand thousand times.