Evensong ~ Holy Week ~ Wednesday March 31 2021 @ 7:15 PM

A prayer for a tired Lent
O God of dirt and dust
Of life and light
Of time and truth
Of hope and heartache, too.
Help us sit in our humanity.
O God who builds galaxies
And breathes life into dry bones
We thank you for this gift
Of being wholly human
And called holy, still.
Help us sit in your wonder.
We come to you aware of all the cracked and dry
Parts of ourselves and we give thanks that
You are not a God who leaves us
Or our children
Alone in our sufferings
But you are a God who brings us close
And bears witness with us
Help us sit in our humanity.
—Kayla Craig, @liturgiesforparents

Holy Week is not the story of just one man
but is rather everyone’s story…
a story of waiting,
of keeping vigil through dark nights.

Today – let someone you love know you are walking with them.
‘I believe in you. I believe in your courage and resilience
—and on the days you are weary, I’ll carry it for you.’
~ Carrie Newcomer

If you wish, have a candle ready to light.