Evensong ~ Easter IV Potluck ~ Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Easter IV Potluck Worship ~ May 11, 2022 at 7:15pm

I know this drill.

I settle down,

I pause, I breathe.

I tell my mind,

please, be still.

I know this dream. 

It feels like wind

that sings, like air,

showered clean,

like holy ground. 

It’s hopeful, wild

like faith on fire,

like passion found,

like Spring, focusing,


~ Dan Stone

Let Christ be rising now in our lives and in our prayers,
     as we open our hands to both friend and stranger.
Let Christ be rising now in our words and in our work
     as we strive to repair the earth
     and free all its creatures from danger.

Risen Christ of limitless love,
     Risen Christ of compassion and peace,
          Risen Christ of gracious surprising—
You move among us in Easter light.
Be now in us, rising.  
                          ~ Angier Brock

In the growing light of this Easter season, 

what is rising, singing, surprising,

hopeful and wild

in your life?

This week you’re invited to an evening of potluck worship. 

There is no order of service attached. 

Liturgy is the work of the people, so bring the words, the dreams, the songs, 

and allow Evensong to emerge from the passions found and shared.