Along with many congregations of The United Church of Canada, RCMUC endeavours to take seriously the impact of our “carbon footprint”.  For years we have taken simple, meaningful steps such as using no disposable cups or plates, and serving organic, fairly-traded coffee at “fellowship time” after our Sunday Service.  In 2019, we started looking at bigger aspects of the life of our Church.

With the assistance of the “Faithful Footprints” program, many energy-conscious changes have been made since 2020:
new LED lighting has replaced fluorescents in Gordon Hall, offices and upstairs, and we have new Google Nest programmable thermostats;
new, more efficient kitchen appliances (with thanks to Canmore Rotary for their significant assistance with this);
improved efficiency of our heating system, including insulated ductwork to the narthex and a heat recovery unit by our furnaces;
and… we installed solar panels on the south roof, in partnership with the Bow Valley Green Energy Cooperative.
Here is a data view of the Solar Power being generated by our rooftop panels: