Earth Day Evensong

Once again, Evensong gathers by Zoom – Wednesday April 22 at 7:15 PM.  Login details are attached to the weekly Evensong email – or contact

We should be listening to the stars in the heavens and the sun and the moon, to the mountains and the plains, to the forests and rivers and seas that surround us, to the meadows and the flowering grasses, to the songbirds and the insects and to their music especially in the evening and the early hours of the night.

We need to experience, to feel, and to see these myriad creatures all caught up in the celebration of life.   – Thomas Berry


Imagine as you breathe in and out that your breath is connected in rhythm to the breath of the people you love who are also breathing in and out at this very moment.

Then expand your awareness to imagine the rise and fall of breath

of all creatures across the planet.

Finally,  expand your vision to include trees and plant life

who offer us a mutual exchange of breath.

Allow this prayer to connect you to the vast matrix of pulsing life within which we live.

 Christine Valters Paintner


How does this awareness of the rhythm of breathing

within which we live give you a sense of kinship with creation?


If you wish, please have a candle ready to light following our Commitment to the Earth.