Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta


Evensong ~ Wednesday, February 2, 2022 @ 7:15 PM

The Practice of Getting Lost I lost my hat while gazing at the moon, then I lost my mind.  Rumi So this week I will endeavour to be fully present in the lostness; to examine all I’ve left behind in order to feel safe;  be mindful of undiscovered gifts; and to find new ways to befriend uncertainty and hopefully discover new and yet undiscovered paths for the journey ahead. https://www.morebeyond.co.za/   “I have found things while I was lost that I …

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Evensong ~ Wednesday, January 26, 2022 @ 7:15 PM

Evensong January 26, 7:15pm To be struck by the magnificence of nature is to be returned again, in all-too brief-moments, to the innocence in which we were born. Awe. Wonder. Humility. We draw them into us and are altered forever by the unquestionable presence of the Creator. All things ringing true together. If we carry that deep sense of communion back into our workaday lives, everyone we meet benefits. That is what we are here for: to remind each other of …

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Evensong ~ Epiphany III ~ Welcoming the Guiding Light ~ Wednesday, January 19, 2022 @ 7:15 PM

Epiphany III, Welcoming the Guiding Light Join for song, reflection, poetry, and inspiration as we continue our Epiphany explorations. You may wish to have a candle and your journal or paper.  Start right now take a small step you can call your own don’t follow someone else’s heroics, be humble and focused, Start close in. David Whyte I’m preparing to go out, getting ready for a journey, because it is January, and each of us is going on a journey …

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Evensong ~ Wednesday, January 12 @ 7:15 pm

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous’? Actually, who are you not to be? ~ Marianne Williamson You and I together Mirror the light of light And illumine the pathway home ~ Catherine F. MacLean

Evensong ~ Feast of Epiphany ~ Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Feast of Epiphany We dance the blessed paradox  Of one more sacred spin around the sun Pausing at the threshold of yesterday’s yearnings and tomorrow’s dreams. ~ Sharon Seyfarth Garner   We begin again,  a new year and the season of Epiphany ~  a time of revealing, of new insights, of magi on a long journey, following a star.   Is there a word that has chosen you for the journey ahead? Release your thinking and expectations. Soften your grasp and surrender into a …

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Evensong ~ The Longest Night ~ Advent IV – Love ~ Dec 22/2021 ~ now posted to YouTube

The Longest Night   – Dec. 22, 2021 now available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/_rlAqS7sNeY   Deep night Dark night Night of the longest sigh May our weary hearts stay vigilant and receptive To all that is loving and dear        –        Mary Saracino The winter solstice celebrates the return of hope to our land as our planet experiences the first slow turn toward greater daylight. Soon we will welcome slightly longer days, a glimmer of hope on the horizon. As we welcome the …

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Evensong ~ Advent 3 ~ Wednesday, December 15 @ 7:15 PM on Zoom

We often find ourselves at times in the dark — good or evil or in between,  of our own or another’s making.  Our work is to name the darkness for what it is  and to find what it asks of us . . . and to enfold us  as we wait for the darkness to teach us what we need to know. In these advent days of darkness and waiting, it may indeed seem that God‘s face is hidden from …

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Evensong ~ Advent II ~ Wednesday, December 8, 2021 @ 7:15 PM

You, darkness, of whom I am born— I love you more than the flame that limits the world to the circle it illuminates and excludes all the rest. But the dark embraces everything: shapes and shadows, creatures and me, people, nations—just as they are. It lets me imagine a great presence stirring beside me. I believe in the night. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke’s Book of Hours : Love Poems to God Whom should I turn to, if not the …

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Evensong ~ The Pilgrimage of Advent ~ Wednesday, December 1, 2021 @ 7:15 PM

Treasures of Darkness I will give you the treasures of darkness and riches hidden in secret places,  so that you may know that it is I, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.  Isaiah 45:3 Glory be to you, O Eternal Creator of the night, for the whiteness of the moon,  the dance of a billion stars, the infinite stretches of dark space. Let me be learning to love the night… If you wish, have candles to …

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Evensong ~ Wednesday, November 24, 2021 @ 7:15 PM

A Reflection on Love Deep the love, deep the love deep the love that calls us Oh, the love, deep the love, the love that calls us on.  ~ Carolyn McDade May I learn to look at myself with the eyes of understanding and love.