Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta


There are two weekly worship services at Ralph Connor Memorial United Church:



SURVEY – please reply by 26 January 2020

Now and then, it’s helpful for us to get feedback from the congregation in order to help us in our planning.   There are some questions regarding Sunday morning “details” that we’d like some input about, starting now until January 26th. This brief survey may be found at https://forms.gle/RYva3YRbJRf3sV4e9 . We will have a few paper copies available in the office if you cannot access the online form, but it’s much easier for us to tabulate the info if it’s done online.  Thanks in advance for your time!

We nurture the spiritual exploration and growth of all who participate…members, adherents, visitors and part time people who live here.

We are an intentionally inviting Christian community that welcomes and embraces new participants.

We reach out and become agents for social justice in our neighbourhood and in the global community.

People are inspired to come to Ralph Connor worship for a variety of gifts that include:

✢ a community of faith and spirituality
✢ a welcoming and diverse approach to modern day thinking
✢ music that resonates with our soul
✢ relaxed, non judgmental and respectful atmosphere
✢ supporting social justice issues

Worship can include quiet contemplation, insightful discussions of scripture, thoughtful sermons, and a spirit-filled approach to music. Worship also includes an emphasis on open and “generous” communication in all aspects of the operation of the church.

Scripture is interpreted with a deep understanding of the complexity and nuances available through a more liberal interpretation of traditional teachings. Offerings from other faith traditions and a deep reverence for ecology and our place on the earth are sometimes woven into regular services.  In all that we do, we commit to the ideals of an Affirming congregation, welcoming the participation of persons of all backgrounds, all gender identities, and all sexual orientations.

Social justice and outreach are an important manifestation of worship at Ralph Connor and are connected with the efforts of the United Church of Canada. Through discussion, ministerial input, fundraising for those in need, and direct engagement in the needs of the community around us, the congregation stays abreast of current issues in our world and endeavors to take action in ways that make a difference. In addition, once per month (on Communion Sunday, typically the second Sunday of the month) we receive a second “Benevolent” offering, so that funds are available for emergency needs and for community outreach.

At Ralph Connor, you’ll find a congregation and staff who are warmly welcoming, an intellectually and spiritually stimulating environment and a true sense of social responsibility and justice in action. We welcome any questions or input you might have about our approach, mission or vision.