Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

World Food Day: October 16th

World Food Day Prayer by Michael Shewburg Creator of all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever come, in the season we know in the North as autumn, we offer gratitude for the cycle of the seasons. In this season we begin to reap what we have sown, tended to, prayed over, and fretted on. In all of this, we know that you have been there, watching over your creation and all its creatures. We …

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Sermon: July 29, 2018 – John 6: 1-15

Sermon: July 29, 2018 – John 6: 1-15 Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore AB – Rev Greg Wooley click here for PDF I begin today’s message with two questions.  The first question is, What feeds me? And the second question is, for what do I hunger?  At first glance, these two questions may seem like the same thing – and in a perfectly aligned, well-adjusted life, I suppose they would be. My soul, or my belly, or the two …

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