Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

Affirming Ministry Celebration!

Ralph Connor Memorial United Church celebrated its new designation as an Affirming Ministry, during the service of Worship on Sunday, October 27, 2019.  The dramatic rainbow banner from Lakeview United Church, Calgary, adorned the sanctuary, the ‘High Strung’ ukuleles led off the service with “over the rainbow/what a wonderful world”, the Affirming Vision Statement was repeated by all, official Affirming Ministry certificate was received, and a human rainbow chain surrounded the Church building after the service (featuring the 125-foot rainbow …

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Affirming Ministry Vote

After Worship on Sunday, September 15th, a Congregational Meeting will be held to determine if we will become an Affirming Ministry of The United Church of Canada.  An Affirming Vision Staement and Affirming Plan will also be presented for approval.  All folks affiliated with Ralph Connor Memorial United Church are invited to come and help us determine this important aspect of our future intentions for inclusiveness. The wording of these motions is found at http://ralphconnor.ca/inclusion/

Sermon: June 30, 2019 – Matthew 25: 31-40

Is the Kingdom of Heaven more like… An exclusive concert with your favourite musical artist, in a tiny, intimate little setting? Or, A great big event – at a stadium or open field – with that same artist, and a huge audience singing and swaying to tunes you all know by heart? click here for a PDF of this sermon Admittedly, both images are totally non-Biblical and they both have their limitations, especially if you don’t like music.  But in …

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