Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta


NOTE: during COVID-19 protocols, most of these Ministries will be finding alternate ways to conduct their work, to avoid or limit public gatherings. 

Among the ministries of Ralph Connor Memorial United Church…


Are you interested in getting to know about the Healing Pathway, workshops that are available for developing this ministry, or in receiving this ministry? If so, please contact Sue Nichols 403.678.4536, Vicky Connoy, 403.609.2428, or call the office at 403.678.5354. For those in need of a healing session, there is a standing booking in the sanctuary on Friday afternoons – check the “Healing Pathways” tab on this site for more information, or email healing@ralphconnor.ca to book a Friday healing session. [during COVID, the Healing Pathway ministry has transformed into an ongoing prayer circle, held by Zoom several times a week].

PASTORAL CARE – staying safe & connected during the pandemic

Do you know of someone who could use care in the name of Christ? If so, the easiest way to connect our Pastoral Care resources with that person is by emailing our Minister, Rev Greg Wooley at minister@ralphconnor.ca

During the pandemic, Pastoral Care committee quickly developed a system of “Care Contact” phone calls, utilizing the contact information from our recently-launched “Instant Church Directory” database.

We thank you to our “Care Contact” phoners and “Care Courier” errand/delivery team, for doing such wonderful outreach in keeping us connected to one another. If you are showing any cold/flu symptoms at all and need something from the store, please do not “pop out” to get it. Let us know what you need (via Greg or the Office or your Care Contact) and we will arrange a Care Courier to bring it to you.

Two notes to our Care Contacts & Couriers: (1) do remember that the ecumenical Prayer Shawl Knitters have produced many “woollen hugs” – do not hesitate to ask Jeanette Aishford at jaishford@yahoo.ca or Mona McIntyre at mona.mcintyre@shaw.ca if you feel a Prayer Shawl is in order for one of the folks you contact. And (2) if you have expenses to reimburse, the form is posted here http://ralphconnor.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Cheque-Requisition-1.pdf

Scan and email completed form & receipts  to office@ralphconnor.ca or drop off at RCMUC side entry mailbox. After the expenses have been approved by the Treasurer, you will be mailed a cheque. The process may take 10-14 days.  (Note:  Please submit original receipts after social distancing has been lifted.)


As we take the first steps toward a shared future with Rundle Memorial United Church in Banff, we celebrate their involvement in direct community outreach.  The Rundle United Thrift store, located in the lower level of the Church building (enter from Banff Avenue), is open on Wednesday evening each week to provide affordable goods… and to raise money for the Mission of the Church.  For more information, please go to http://rundleunited.ca/rundle-united-thrift-banff/


Over 1000 Prayer Shawls have been given to those in need and they are such a huge success for those receiving them. Shawls go to women or men in need of comfort including those in hospital, grief or that have suffered acts of violence.  What a gift and a fellowship for those creating!

Typically, gatherings are on the second Friday of the month at 1:00 PM in Gordon Hall. Bring wool and needles. Call Jeanette at 403.678.2030 for further information about this community/ecumenical group.  [looking forward to in-person meetings once these are allowed by public health measures]


Threshold choirs give singers the opportunity to offer their voices in service, singing at bedside as a gift to those at life’s thresholds. The Alpine Voices Threshold Choir rehearses on the second and fourth Monday night of the month at 7:30 in the Sanctuary, and sing at the Canmore Hospital each week. All community members are welcome – while hosted by Ralph Connor United, this is a separate entity.  Please contact jan.tissandier@gmail.com for more information.  [Meetings, during the pandemic, are by Zoom. ]


The Bow Valley Refugee Project  was established in late 2015 as an Outreach Ministry of Ralph Connor in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. This community volunteer organization has successfully sponsored a family of six, who arrived in Canmore in the fall of 2016, and a family of two who arrived in the summer of 2020.  We hope to pursue further sponsorships.  Although our first two sponsorships involved refugees from Syria, our mandate has now expanded so that refugees from elsewhere may also be considered.
Ralph Connor is proud to provide a “home base” for the BVRP. One does not need to be a member of the Church, or of any faith community, to volunteer for this broadly supported community organization.


Ralph Connor is pleased to be a founding partner in serving the Monday night communal meals at St. Michael’s Anglican Church. Anyone and everyone wishing to have a great meal with great company, come to St. Michael’s for take-out between 5:00 and 7:00 PM on Mondays! Many volunteers are needed to serve meals, or to help with dessert-making. Please contact the Church office and we will put you in touch with these groups, which will resume their tasks once the pandemic has ended. 


CYAN began thanks to a member of the Ralph Connor Memorial United Church (RCMUC) in Canmore, who urged the Church to embark on a pathway to reach out to youth and young adults in the community. That pathway led to the hiring of a Community Networker, whose research and groundwork resulted in the formation of CYAN in 2017. RCMUC continues to be a major supporter of and donor to CYAN and welcomes others in the community to join us in supporting CYAN.  We support CYAN in its efforts to find safe ways to include and connect with young adults, during these trying times of COVID. You can see more information about CYAN at www.cyancanmore.ca


In times of crisis, we do hope to be able to offer a helping hand. Each month, on Communion Sunday, a second “benevolent” offering is received to help fund emergency assistance and community outreach.  Donations may also be made at the “giving” page of this website.

Thank You ….Thank You