Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

Evensong – Wednesday, May 30, 7:15pm

A Speed of Soul Thought  

Somewhere someone needs help. 

If you can’t get there yourself.

Take a deep breath, 

Breathe in. 

Hold that someone in your heart.

Lighten the weight of their troubles. 

Breathe out.

Open your heart.

Release what you cannot change.

Send calm and courage 

And human connection.

For the nights can be filled with shadows,

And sometimes the waters rise.

Someone somewhere needs help. 

Send love.

It matters.

~ Carrie Newcomer

The path of love and peace

 begins in the heart. 



Wednesday, May 30, 7:15pm

Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

Friends of Evensong ~ a gentle reminder that services pause for the summer, but watch for word of justice film showings on Wednesday evenings.

Still to come at Evensong…

June 6       Sacred Circle Dancing

June 13     Bathing in song with Alpine Voices Threshold Choir

June 20     Eve of the Summer Solstice and National Aboriginal Day