Ralph Connor Memorial United Church

The Little White Church on Main Street, Canmore, Alberta

Evensong ~ May 8, 2019

This Wednesday, we sit with the writings of the 14th century English contemplative, Julian of Norwich.

Her Revelations of Divine Love speak of the Mothering role of Christ, amidst a series of visions she experienced of a God motivated by love, not wrath:

I it am, the Might and the Goodness of the Fatherhood;
I it am, the Wisdom of the Motherhood;
I it am, the Light and the Grace that is all blessed Love:
I it am, the Trinity, I it am, the Unity:
I am the sovereign Goodness of all manner of things.
I am that maketh thee to love:
I am that maketh thee to long:
I it am, the endless fulfilling of all true desires.” 
– Julian of Norwich, “Showing” # 60

Ralph Connor Memorial United Church
Wednesday, May 8th
7:15 PM